He began to play guitar in 15th year of his life.
Firs band in the time of his High School was Stopnice (Stairway) .

Second bandl Moby Dick, then he join the Army Corps. After two years he was paying in Miklošiceva klet for quite a long time.

Nice memories: Big money (at least two month pay).

Miha Kralj invited him to the band Prah. He participated in the TV Show Mladi za mlade, He accompanied famous slovenian and yougoslavian Singers (Marjana Deržaj, Elda Viler, Ditka Haberl, Ivo Mojzer, Branka Kraner, Darko Domjan, Tomislav Ivcic, Tereza Kesovija, Stane Mancini, itd.)

Then he collaborated with the band 12.nadstropje and for long 15years with famous slovenian comedian Tof in his Show Moped show .

He has to mention also a long EU tour with Andrej Šifrer, playing with Đorde Balaševic, on Slovenska popevka v Celju, on festival Melodije morja in sonca, Portorož.

At the end of spring in the year 2009 he accepted the invitation and joined the Emšo Blues Band as the first giutarist.