Organ, piano, vocal
  • One of the two founders of EMŠO BLUES BAND

1969 - the beginning in blues band with Andrej Trobentar and Srećko Papić ...
1971 - famous rock band IZVIR:

  • Winers on Festival "Slovenian and YU Rock Selecition" - 2 times   (Ljubljana and Sarajevo)
  • Public appearance on "Pop integral" - kontact event which all former Yougoslavian TV stations are broadcasting,
  • Recorded 2 singles and 1 LP, cca 30 peaces for Radio Ljubljana,
  • 5 public apearances on TV Ljubljana, permanent members on STOP pops 20.

1976 - studio musician for Zlatko Manojlović LP "Mojoj majci"


1976 - studio musician for Pavle Kavec and his group "OKO"  LP "Raskorak". LP was remastered as CD 2004
1976 - winers on pop rock festival in Subotica
1977 - Yougoslav Army breaks the work with group IZVIR - half of the band went to the army :(
1978 - during the army established the group AVANTURA, - singer Vlado Kreslin. They work together till 1981
1991 - The beginning of playing in garage band with Niko Kostukovskiy, till 2005 with permanent alternaton of 32 members...
2004 - EMO blues band

Played in famous groups:


Played with famous musicians:

  • Vlado Kreslin, Pavel Kavec, Franc Opeka, Tone Žagar ;-)

The music, he likes the most:

  • blues, rockjazz, simforock, soul, R&B (actually black singers and bluesmen)