Congas, percussion, drums

He began with his participation in music in his early (elementary school) age. He was listening and playing to music like: The Shadows, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. He also studied the percussion in music school. His first group was playing rhythm & blues music.

Later he listened and played the music from Jimmy Hendrix, Chicago; Santana etc. He was part of many slovenian bands, playing all kinds of music, especially Rock, Latino and dancing music.

Nowadays he plays percussions in Brass band of Ljubljana-Bežigrad. If someone is inerested, the concert of his Brass band will take place on 20. 12. 2005 in Philaharmony Hall of Ljubljana, with the beginning at 19:30.

Privately he loves listening to Jazz rock music from different authors. 


He is also internationaly known manufacturer for drums sticks!

Here you can see the catalog!