Drums, percussion, vocal

The first gig with real complet of drums was took place at the end of his elementary school (OŠ Miran Jarc) with the band named "The Luck".

His "talent" was soon recognised and big groups was searched for him:

1. The group SKARABEJI - The group with Brass section. They played the famous hits world known groups.


2. The group DRUGA STRAN was build from the second part of very famous group SINOVI (Here were among the others also musicians like: brothers Belavic, Lado Jakša, Vinko Mrak and Veri Gorjup). This group was at the latest 60-ies and at the begining of the 70-ies at the top of music TOP-10s (Magasines Stop and Mladina). We were also participated in first Free Rock Concert in Tivoli Park on 25. maj 1970. We had public aperances all over the ex Yougoslavia. We played a music, which was a kind of forrunner of Heavy Metal. We also played the music of very known band Led Zeppelin.

3. The group DEKAMERONI – The most known song was "Sava šumi", nowadays slovenian evergreen.

4. The group GORA played his own music. In this group were famous msicians like: Meta Močnik, Iztok Černe (owner one of the best studio Metro), Luj Vodopivec and Dare Smrkolj.

5. From group GORA the new group TAJGA was built, – trio like very known Emerson, Lake in Palmer (Hammond-organ by Luj Vodopivec, nowadays profesor of sculpturing on Akademy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, bass guitar by Dare Smrkolj). At the end famous guitarist Franc Kolenc-Koki joined the band. This was at that time the first and the only slovenian group, which on his concerts played ONLY own songs. The music was something new on Yougoslav scene. When Kornelije Kovać (YU Grupa) heard how they are playing, invited them to yougoslavian tour.

6. In bar Lev he acompanied famous singer ELDO VILER and well recognized and learned the other styles in music.

7. In the middle of 70-ies he acompanied with his group the famous slovenian singer OTO PESTNER on his tour.

8. He also played the commercial music in hotel Golf at Bled. In this group played also musician like: legend Dominik Trobentar (latter singer of HAZARD group) Bolgarian Dani Gancev (bass player and pianist of group HAZARD and group SEPTEMBER – 1977 proclaimed as the best bass player in Yougoslavija).

9. At the end of 70-ies he played with group G&B (the name of famous wiskey mark). They played only author's music, nowadays the people will name it as etno. 1980 he participated with Lado Leskovarj at festival SLOVENSKA POPEVKA. In this group played musicians like: Miljenko Arnejšek-Prle, Peter Amalietti, Matjaž Jarc …

10. 1981 he went to Germany and for 3 years played in international, but mostly english group CRASH COMPANY.

11. After he returned in Slovenija, he played with many famous commercial grops. At 2001 he recorded an LP and video spot with group "Matej Kranjc and AGENCIJA R&R".

Very known musicians he played with also were: Tomaž Grintal (trumpet, conuctor), Slavko Vidrih (profesor for contrabass on Music Academy LJ), Tone Žagar (Acordeon) , Stanko Arnold (trumpet, and professor on Music Academy, Graz), Mič Čuček-singer, Eva Sršen- singer, Marjana Držaj- singer, Jelka Cvetežar-singer, world known musician from Poland, bass guitar demonstrator - Andrej Wolak and film music avthor and pianist Jozsef Reinbovitcz.

He is listening to all kinds of music (including classical music), He makes no diferences, the important thing is only, if the music is interesting and very well performed.